Digital guide for physical experiences

For Visitors

With Totume you can use your Android and iOS smartphone to enhance exhibitions you visit. Simply scan a QR code within our app. Or open a web link. Totume works everywhere without the need to install any app. Best experience in every country and langauge.

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Get instant translations of all content for 50+ languages. By default, translation is done offline and instantly.

Voice Guide

Listen to exhibition content. Totume uses on-device voice to enjoy exhibition without looking at your phone. Organizations can optionally upload their own voice guides.

Rich Content

We provide flexible and powerful editor to allow multiple content types. Text, images, videos, sound. Or even links to other relevant content.

QR Codes & NFC

Point your camera at a code next any item and instantly see content. And do not worry: if you don't have Totume app installed you can preview the content in your browser.


Save the paintings or any other items you enjoy. You can always get back to them later. Cannot remember the name of the painting you loved in Louvre years ago? Never again.


Directly share anything you like. Let other people know that you have a good taste in art.

For Organizations

We provide you with functional content management platform for your collections. Create flexible pages with text, images, videos, or audio. Translate your content into multiple languages to provide the best experience for all visitors.

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Get useful insights into the behaviour of your visitors. Optimize exhibitions for better experience.

More Visitors

Become part of the growing community of museums and galleries. Users can use our app to find your venue. And they know they will have a great time, even in a foreign country.


Create interactive guides for classrooms. Add quizzes to make sure students pay attention to the content.


Post updates on your feed and we will show it to your potential visitors. Allow users to subscribe to your page so they never miss any exhibition.